Augsburg Jazz Rhythms

Augsburg Jazz Rhythms


Clàudia Fonte

Swing dancer (Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz), Clàudia Fonte explores and embraces all kinds of playful ways in her dancing. Her main source is Swing music. Furthermore, she likes to connect and communicate with the other dancers and get inspired by them in partner dancing, as well as in solo dancing.

Taking the classic rhythms and moves as the foundation she challenges herself to keep them alive through her own perspective and interpretation.
Even though swing dance has a great historical tradition she believes in its evolution and expansion; respecting but also transforming the roots she tries different ways and communication styles, like in the partner dance. The traditional roles established in Lindy Hop are subject to this lively and spirited approach, as well.

Where she really expresses herself and shows herself is solo dance. Improvising creates a fruitful and joyful environment to find new movements and to set creativity free while providing the dancer with a cheerful atmosphere. Authentic Jazz enables her to achieve and explore challenges proposed by Swing music. Essential to her approach is promoting solo dancing in the context of social dancing, as well. Dancefloor is where everything starts and where the magic happens.

Joris Focquaert & Yana Sanamyantz

Joris Focquaert comes from Ghent, Belgium. He discovered the Lindy Hop in Copenhagen when he was studying at the Commedia School for mime & physical theatre. A background in the art of clowning, he takes his unique expressivity to his social dances & performances, forming his attitude towards the dance. In class, Joris tries to share his best of ideas. He is one of the starting figures of swing dance school 'Crazy Legs' (Ghent) & vernacular Jazz dance troupe 'the Dipsy Doodles'. Today he is a busy working dancer in Belgium & abroad, next to studying the Jazz trombone.

Yana Sanamyanzt (Rus) is an active swing dancer, performer, teacher and DJ. She was surrounded by jazz since childhood, while dancing came much later. Since the first lindy hop lesson, she fell in love with the swing scene and started devoting all her time to music and dancing. Raised with love in Moscow Swing Dance Society she shortly became a teacher there and in a few years started to travel for sharing and finding knowledge.  In class, Yana is conveying joy, respect and love for the dance with her students. 

Parties / Live Music

This year the Hot Sugar Band will play at the Augsburg Jazz Rhythms! :)

Party-Schedule at the Hep Cat Club

Friday Party Warm Up Party - doors open: 21.00

Saturday Party with "Hot Sugar Band" - doors open: 21.00

Sunday: Farewell Jam at the Hep Cat Club 20.00 - 23.00; you are invited to jam with your feet or with instruments. We already have a drum set and a piano at the studio. Please bring more instruments, if you want! :)

More Info

Registration starts November 27th, 3pm.

The location for all Workshops and Parties is the new Hep Cat Club, Viktoriastraße 3B, 86150 Augsburg. We finally moved in a few weeks ago! :)
The entrance is directly at railway 1 of Augsburg Main Train Station. Imagine you step out of a train on railway 1. Then you go to the left to the next building (Helio Center). The door at the corner ist the entrance, it’s just 3 meters away from railway 1. You see the logo of „Regus“ there, our logo is still missing. You can find a plan on

Airport: The closest airport is Franz-Josef-Strauß Airport in Munich (MUC). From there take the public transportation to Munich central station and a train to „Augsburg Hauptbahnhof“. From the airport in Stuttgart (STR) there is a very cheap flixbus connection to Augsburg. Interesting flight options can be found from Memmingen Airport (FMM) by choosing Ryanair or Wizzair for example.

All of these airports above are between 60 - 90 minutes away from Augsburg by car and they have reasonable connections - between 90 to 120 minutes travelling time - by train or bus as well 

Hotels: There are many hotels nearby, for example the Ibis hotels at Königsplatz or Hauptbahnhof. Both of them are in walking distance from the event location (3-5 minutes). We also heard from many students that the youth hostel in Augsburg is quite nice and a cheaper option - Expecially the breakfast should be nice there!

We can also recommend to stay at the Grandhotel Cosmopolis. It’s a very special place in Augsburg. Hostel, hotel and home for refugees at the same time and every room is designed by an artist. They also have the concept „Pay as much as you can“. 


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